Faqs. Where are notification email messages from DOWN sent?

Faqs. Where are notification email messages from DOWN sent?

What’s DOWN?


DOWN is the most honest dating application accessible to meet locals nearby – you are free to choose whether you prefer a laid-back relationship OR a far more serious one. Unlike other dating apps, we view sex as a healthy and balanced, normal, and aspect that is crucial relationships; we are all grownups, therefore intimate intention and attraction really should not be concealed. We believe it really is healthier for all included if individuals are up-front using what they need, by indicating when they would like to get (a) DATE or GET DOWN.

Whoa. Slow down. Exactly what does selecting “Get Date” mean?

Swiping up to Get means that are date believe that person has girlfriend/boyfriend potential. Fundamentally, you’d like something significantly more than a hookup.

How about “Get Down”?

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Swiping down seriously to Get Down means you are interested in something casual – possibly some products and some hookups, but you’re instead of the look for one thing severe.

Can I be notified if we select to obtain Down with somebody and so they select to have Date beside me and the other way around?

We’ve got you covered. In the event that you match using the intentions being samee.g. Continue reading “Faqs. Where are notification email messages from DOWN sent?”