Benefits of an electronic digital Hotel Compendium App and Website Solution

Benefits of an electronic digital Hotel Compendium App and Website Solution

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Since its inception in 2008, the economy that is app grown enormously. In 2018 alone, there were 198 billion application downloads global across all App Stores.

With everybody else bringing their own devices (BYOD) to your premises, there’s no reason why an app and web site cannot be used to access your hotel compendium details.

There are several advantageous assets to making use of our Hinfo application and solution that is website your compendiums, others cannot match.

3 great things about the Hinfo Mobile App

1. Offline Help and Minimal Internet Down Load

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Our Hinfo app is not as much as 10MB to download and consumes up to 10 times less download and storage than the normal app today that is available.

By saving your compendium details offline, guests need not utilize additional download from their daily Wi-Fi restriction or phone data plan.

The benefits that are main saving images, brochures, menus, etc. offline.

For comparison, spending 2mins 30secs on Instagram consumes similar amount of download being a visitor would utilize on Hinfo during a stay that is average.

2. Performance and Loading Times

As electronic products continue to enhance, peoples patience for content load times decreases.

Our Hinfo app enables guests to see content faster than loading webpages. This will be possible as loading times are based on the rate of the phone, in comparison to Wi-Fi.

3. Guest Messaging Notifications

Imagine using WhatsApp on your own smartphone, but just in a web browser.

You would need to check always your conversations every few minutes to see if anyone responds, as only some mobile internet browsers support notifications.

Our Hinfo guest texting solution called ‘Ask Reception’ allows guests to communicate with reception in their preferred language and receive a notification whenever reception staff respond.

Along with these 3 major advantages, we have a product roadmap to help expand this list, increasing our technical advantage over other compendium solutions. Continue reading “Benefits of an electronic digital Hotel Compendium App and Website Solution”